The Bioeconomy Blueprint: Building a circular and reslient Europe

The Bioeconomy Blueprint: Building a circular and reslient Europe

Achieving the EU’s vision for a more sustainable, resilient and competitive
economy that places nature and people at its core requires actions across many
sectors. Europe’s bioeconomy – which transforms renewable resources from
agriculture, forests, seas, residues and waste, into food, feed, materials and
energy – is already contributing to this effort.

But it has the potential to do far more. Shifting from fossil and non-renewable
resources to renewable bio-based resources – without compromising
biodiversity goals – is essential to building a climate-neutral, net-zero and
circular economy.

This transition will require urgent, sustained commitment from EU
policymakers to recognising the strategic importance of the Bioeconomy and
the technologies that enable it – and to acting accordingly.

The European Bioeconomy Alliance (EUBA) is a unique cross-sector alliance helping
to lead the shift from a fossil-based to a circular society by raising awareness of
the benefits of the bioeconomy with EU, national and regional leaders and

As the European elections approach, EUBA members urge EU policymakers
to take action to realise the full potential of the circular bioeconomy.

In our new policy manifesto, we share our vision of how Europe’s bioeconomy sector
can help achieve the economic, social and environmental objectives of the
European Green Deal and its Industrial Plan, and offer policy recommendations
needed to make them happen.

Read and download The Bioeconomy Blueprint here.

Publication date: 
Monday, November 27, 2023